Robin Williams

I don’t remember when exactly I became aware of him. Maybe my mom watched Mork and Mindy reruns while she was pregnant with me. Maybe it was Aladdin, one of my favorite Disney movies because of his portrayal of the Genie. His countless movies are in my head. Things I’ve watched over and over - The Birdcage, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Jack, Fathers’ Day, Dead Poets Society, Good Morning, Vietnam and Good Will Hunting just to name some. 

I saw him on Broadway in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo in 2009. He was magnificent. It was an intense role but he still got some laughs - always the twinkle in his eye. I saw him perform Weapons of Self Destruction live at Town Hall a few years ago. He was hysterical, always so quick, so smart. I’ve watched his stand up so many times. His Inside The Actors Studio was the best one and caused one audience member to laugh so hard, she had some kind of actual fit and an ambulance came for her. (She was ok after.) 

He was a humanitarian. Comic Relief was on HBO before I ever had HBO but I’ve seen a few of them and I always loved watching him with Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg. 

I’m not shocked he’s gone, I was dreading it. A person can only go to rehab so many times, battle depression so much. I’m heartbroken. I’m heartbroken for his family. That’s a terrible way to lose someone you love - a father, a husband. 

He will be incredibly missed. 

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Babies Experiencing Things For The First Time



First time watching fireworks:


 First time being dunked into water that’s way too cold:


First time getting caught in a bubble shower:


First time driving through a dark tunnel:


First time chatting with a puppet:


First time finding a new recipe in a cooking magazine:


First time forgetting how spoons work:


First time seeing ice cream:


Whenever I’m feeling sad, I look at this and realise how fucking amazing the world is

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I knew that line/pose looked familiar…

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that’s it. that’s the movie.

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"Art in itself is an attempt to bring order out of chaos".

-Stephen Sondheim

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one gifset per character

↬ Samwise Gamgee

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Who “hates” to say I told you so? That’s my favorite thing I get to say ever.
Anna Kendrick

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Shit Tom Mison Says

Merry Christmas To All! :)

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Puppies in bow ties are just perfect

Fancy Puppies Are FANCY!!!

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